Value Creation for Social Exploratory Projects

*Hints- please make sure that or questionnaire needs to be shown as its done in UAE- Dubai
Once your done with the questions please share then before you complete the other parts
Write about innovation and ideation for organizational success
Develop 3 research questions that are based on measurable variables
Develop five or more hypotheses that might come from your research problem and questions listed in It is important to understand that hypotheses relate variables not concepts
7- Convert the hypotheses you listed in 6 into questions
8- Choose an appropriate scale to measure the variables listed in 5
9- Develop at least 2 demographic, experience etc, questions
15- Use the questions, hypothesis (steps 5-9) and demographic information to create a questionnaire
16- Upload 4 and 6 into an online survey, e.g., monkey survey software
17- Carry out the survey with your class colleagues or at your work place. Aim for at least 20 responses
18- Download the survey results to excel or spss
19- Carry out the following statistical tests a. Conduct univariate statistics (such as descriptive and frequencies) in order to find the appropriate variables for the subsequent tests
b. Conduct a correlation analysis on your research variables
c. Conduct a t-test analysis on selected variables.
d. Conduct a chi-square analysis on selected variables
e. Conduct an ANOVA on selected variables
f. Conduct linear/multiple regression for a depend variable and its associated independent variables
g. And other tests and analysis as required

11. For each of the analyses in 10, you should export tables and graphs result into a word document and interpret the results in no more than 1500 words.
12- Provide a short (no more than 1000 words) discussion about the results and their implication
13. Provide a conclusion (no more than 100 words)

Final Submission
The final outcome of the simulated quantitative research practice is a report properly referenced and indexed which will contain all of the work. The final report should be structured as flows:

Part 2 report
11. Abstract
12. Introduction
13. Questionnaire design
14. Methodology
15. Data Analysis (statistical tests)
16. Findings
17. Discussion
18. Conclusions
19. References
20. Appendices if needed

Final Report Marking Schema The paper should be 2500 words lon

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