Write a review of the film in which you address the following issues:
(A) Why were Arabian elites opposed to Muhammad’s message?
(B) What struck you as the reasons for the success of the new religion?
(C) What was the role of the Christian king in the flight of Muhammad and his followers?
(D) Having seen the film, do you see similarities with the message and story of Jesus?
(E) What struck you as important about the first call to prayer from a minaret?
(F) How do you explain the widespread success of Islam during this period of world history?
2) OR – after reading the required chapters of the short history of Islam:

Write a review of the book in which you address the following issues:
(A) What were the consequences for Islam of Muhammad’s stay in Medina?
(B) How did the first successors or Caliphs of Islam transform Muhammad’s teachings into a new organized religion?
(C) Why in our opinion did the Umayyad caliphate last less than one hundred years, and the Abbasid caliphate until the 13th century?
(D) What was the role of schools, judges and Islamic scholars in the development of the faith over time?
(E) What did the Islamic world achieve in the medieval period that was progressive?
(F) What was so original about Sufism?