Attached is my first draft however it is totally incorrect. My use ofarrows are not the same, I have no swim lanes, and my flow is not togood, and I must take out the words start and end and use the beginingof the flow. also i spelled a few words wrong. It basically needs tobe ripped out and started over. if you can figure out way to make itmake more since with even if that means adding more steps along withadding swim lanes if you can get the workflow model before the 07/12that would be great. Im leaving for out of town but if you can do thisfor me I won’t have to worry about this. Im going to attach adifferent students workflow model however it a different subject butis much better with swim lanes. Mines is really bad.The other one indicated “example” is another student visio with the use ofswim lanes which is betterFeel free to add or omit to my workflow model as long as it on theStroke Assessment Tool, it correlates with the paper part 1(youalready wrote and has been turned in, see attached file) and now part

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