Explore the following free Web-based EHR. You will receive your login information from

your instructor. The email you will receive will be from Practice Fusion and will state

“Welcome to Practice Fusion”. You will receive a username and a temporary password.

Once you have entered this information you will be asked to accept the user agreement and

then prompted to create a security question and create your own password. Contact your

instructor if you have any questions:

Source: Practice Fusion: Practice fusion. Retrieved from


Note: Make sure that you have watched the videos from the reading page to help you

become familiar with the site.

Once you have logged on click “I Agree” (if agreement pops up) then click on the word

charts at the top of the screen and explore the practice fusion site. There should be charts

that already exist in the EHR. Please focus your attention on the patient named Maria Test

Adult and explore the tabs to the left side of the screen looking at each one to understand

what is in this record. Go to the top right of the screen and click the button labeled to add a

patient. You will add a patient with a first name created by you and your last name. You will

create all other personal information about your patient. This will allow you the experience of

adding a patient to an electronic health record. Once you have done so please give the

patient’s name and chart number so that your addition to the EHR can be verified. Please

complete the following Assignment.

1. Please write a paper outlining your experience with the Web-based EHR.

2. What set of standards would apply to the Web-based EHR you researched in acute or ambulatory

care settings? Base your response on what you learned in Units 4 and 5 concerning standards and

regulations for EHRs or electronic information systems. Justify your reasoning for choosing these


3. Discuss the possible challenges one would face to convince healthcare providers to use

this type of EHR.

4. What features did you see in the EHR that were helpful?

5. If shared with other facilities how can this be helpful?

6. What impressed you about the Web-based EHR?



? The Assignment should be a minimum of three to four pages in length, prepared in a

Microsoft Word document.

? Follow APA style format and citation guidelines, including Times New Roman 12

point font and double spacing.

? Include a title page and reference page. Length requirements do not include the title

page, and the reference page.

? This Assignment should follow the conventions of Standard American English

featuring correct grammar, punctuation, style, and mechanics.

? Include at least three references. The course textbook counts as one reference. All

sources must be scholarly. Wikipedia is an example of a resource that is not

acceptable. Use APA style for all citations including course materials.

? Your writing should be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and




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