Review the Case Study Project 11.5 titled Enforcing a Dress Code on page 183 and answer each question in one or two paragraphs.
Project 11.5 Enforcing a Dress Code. Cecilia recently went to work for a telecommunications firm in San Francisco as the receptionist. In the first week, several other employees went out of their way to go through the lobby just to see her. She is very attractive, and everyone soon learned she was a former model at local trade shows. Cecilia s image started to create problems within the company. Though Cecilia was a nice person and didn t appear conceited, her appearance was a distraction to the organization. The office manager discovered that work had slowed down since Cecilia was hired. For instance, male sales reps were stopping by and spending time chatting with her; female workers were making catty remarks behind her back and seemed to be spending more time having negative conversations. Three comments overheard were, She s too perfect, Cecilia wears way too much makeup, and She dresses too nice for this place. Make notes regarding what is happening here. Include the roles in this situation of the receptionist, visitors to the front lobby, other employees, and the office manager. Each person or group is playing a role. Using the questions below as a guide, be prepared to discuss how you would resolve this situation.

2. Next, while telemarketing can be a difficult career, companies continue to utilize inbound and outbound telemarketing activities because they are effective and cost efficient. Web-driven service technologies offer ever-expanding modes of communicating with the customer. In this assignment, you will explore these activities. Write one paragraph per topic.
Define inbound telemarketing. Give an example.
Define outbound telemarketing. Give an example.
Describe the Web-driven service technology that you believe has the most potential to affect the customer service process. Explain. >
Your final submission should be 2-3 pages.
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