13th August 2018

The descriptive essay is all related to the genre where it describes about the object, person, place and experience. When a writer has come across many experiences in the life then he is able to write his descriptive essay. The descriptive essay focuses on emotions and situations that one has. It also encourages the students to have created a written account of particular experience that plays an important role. For example, when one has faced some experiences in life, then one will be able to understand the righteous essay. The essay should be well corrected by the writer. The writer should focus in such a manner that it will have collection of the experiences and emotions altogether. The writer should focus on various aspects. The most important thing about what is a descriptive essay is that one should be able to earn that this descriptive essay is given in full description of the topic. It should not leave anything at any cost. The writer should understand what is a descriptive essay. When proper sentence and structure is followed then it becomes quite easy to write the same. When someone is writing about the descriptive essay, then it should cover the wide area. First of all select the topic. When the topic is well selected then it becomes quite easy for the student to choose the same topic again. For example, the topic is on health hazards and what are the factors causing it.

Then the student is required to write about all factors that relates to health hazards. In most of the cases, it is good to choose the topic. When topic is chosen then one will able to share his own view and thoughts. In this way, the student should be able to understand the time to know about what is a descriptive essay. Then it is required to create a statement. The statement should support the evidence and the evidence should be put into an argument. In the descriptive essay, one can learn how the description of the subject so covered. Sometimes, when the writer understands all these things, then one should be able to focus on the same topic. It is expected by the writer that he should choose the topic clearly. He is required to describe the same with all forms.
It is also necessary that the writer while describing about what is a descriptive essay, should get the senses right. Getting the sense right means that writer should be able to flourish the same topic again and all the relevant materials should be well presented. In most of the forms, there should covering of every aspect. In this way, when the object of the student or writer is clear then writer will be able to post the same. Then it is required to create an outline. The outline should be created in the way that will impact the same. Thus, it is required to maintain the same structure with complete details. The writer should know what is a descriptive essay. it is also good to create an outline.