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People often wonder whether they have chosen the right career. Most people seek answers to this question and they often don’t find them. Students who are fresh out of college usually go for a job that pays well no matter if that job is not something that they’re not passionate about. After a couple of years, some realize that it is not their calling and try to switch careers as early as possible. It may take some time for others to realize that they have made a wrong decision while for a certain few, it might be too late to switch careers after realizing that they haven’t chosen the right career all along.

No matter where you are in life, when you reach this crossroad and wonder whether you’ve chosen the right career or not, here are some signs that you’ve chosen a profession that’s right for you:

1.You enjoy what you do

You enjoy your work even if it isn’t the most prestigious or most important job in the company. You find your job interesting and your work is important for you even if it has a small impact for the company. Your job should make you feel that you are an important element in the overall goal of the company and that you are valued as an employee. You enjoy what you do even if it’s not that challenging, and you have to do it by routine. You should be able to do your job with enthusiasm.

2.You love your job no matter how hard it is

If you have a challenging job, but you are excited to learn and spend time doing your work, then you know that you love your job. You’d rather do your best at work rather than call in sick. You’d like to finish as much tasks as possible because it gives you a sense of achievement. You feel fulfilled and you feel proud and excited to tell others what you are doing for a living.

You enjoy your job3.You try to look for growth within your job role or within the company

Instead of looking for opportunities outside the company, you try to look for growth within the company or within your current role. You don’t always expect big things to come your way, but you create the opportunity for yourself by coming up with projects and being proactive in your job. If there are better opportunities in your department or company, you go for it instead of looking outside.

4.You get paid enough to pay your bills and to live day by day

It doesn’t really matter if you have a high paying job or not. What matters is that you are earning enough money to be able to pay for your basic needs and for your bills and you are able to live decently and comfortably. You have an adequate lifestyle and your salary is enough to support and take care of your dependents.

5.You have a work-life balance

You can take vacations to spend time for yourself, with your family, and with your loved one. You are still able to do the things that you love outside work. You have time to go out with your friends, go to gym, and do other activities that you normally do on weekends or after work. You can take vacations whenever you need a break and you feel recharged and ready to go back to work afterwards.

6.Your health is perfectly fine

You rarely take sick days because you are in good health and you don’t need to drag yourself to work. Your work doesn’t cause you too much stress that lead to different illnesses. Your working environment is also healthy.

7.You get along well with your co-workers

The culture of your workplace should suit your personality. If you prefer your own personal space, then your company or job should have this kind of environment. If you prefer being interactive or always on the go, then you should be working in a company that has a similar environment as your personality. You get along well with your superiors and your co-workers. You partly enjoy your job because of the people that you are dealing with at work.

8.You can use your skills and talents

The best career is doing something that you are passionate about but it’s not always the case. What’s important is that you get to use your skills and talents in your job no matter if these are innate skills and talents or you have learned or acquired them over the years. It’s also important that you are constantly learning and growing at your workplace. You learn and develop new skills over time with the help of your company. Sometimes you can even use your knowledge to help others, whether by volunteering or even online tutoring.

In the end, no one can tell you what the best profession is for you. Not even those career tests can tell you what best suits you. It’s only you who can tell what career best suits you. You may not find the answers soon enough and only time can tell. If you agree to the points mentioned above, then you know that you have chosen the right career for you.