why children should be vaccinated

Ok so i will write the details below but, some of the things that are asked i already have like: the literature review, annotated bibliography . But i will send you all the pieces of this paper that you have already done for me. Basically your just helping me put it together .If you have any questions please feel free to ask me at anytime.

Prepare a one to two paragraph conclusion to your paper. Prepare the abstract section (150-250 words in a block paragraph). The abstract is the 2nd page of the paper and it has its own page.

The synthesis paper was based on a healthcare topic of your choice. It is in APA format.

The following components will be included in the paper:

Title page, running heads, page #s



Introduction paragraph with thesis statement

Literature Review section

Introductory paragraph explaining search parameters and databases used

At least 7 paragraphs, but no more than 12.

At least six scholarly sources (4 journals and 2 websites)

Not simply annotations, but an essay that flows from point to point

Discussion section

Two to five paragraphs that apply the literature review to your topic, drawing conclusions and supporting the thesis statement

May contain practice examples


One to two paragraphs that support and finalize the thesis argument

Reference page

Annotated bibliography

Must contain at least four scholarly literature sources and two credible websites

Must contain annotations


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