ITM 619

Case preparation questions

Enterprise Resource Planning Software – Ongoing Maintenance Cost Benefit Analysis

  1.  Why did Oracle acquire PeopleSoft?  What as the motivation?
  2. What is Oracle Fusion?
  3. At the current rate of maintenance costs, how long will lit take for Big Valley to “purchase” Oracle Fusion?
  4. In the Oracle Fusion roadmap, what are the hurdles and costs associated with upgrading to Fusion?  What are the risks?
  5. What support services should be covered by third-part maintenance?
  6. What is the effect of “freezing” the software at a particular level for a long period?
  7. What type of third party maintenance support would be best?
  8. Will a “best of breed” solution work for Big Valley?
  9. What key models, frameworks, or lessons learned from Motiwalla & Thompson can be used to better support decision analysis on this problem at Big Valley?  Give examples related to the case.
  10. Can the city move toward a single-vendor model? Or should it move towards even more solutions to solve specific HR and accounting functions?


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