Write a 4 page positionality statement, articulating and exploring your personal biography (gender, economic, cultural, and ethnic community perspectives). You, as social researcher, become the primary instrument in participant observation research. All sociological analysis is mediated through you, as a human instrument, complete with your assumptions, biases, and blinders (which inevitably create failures to see what is hiding in plain sight; everyday life is sociologically problematic). What factors cause researchers to fail in their data collection? This assignment requires serious reflection and self-observation, as in “Notes to Self.” Identify and describe your values, worldview, perspectives, and biases. Bring to light your own cultural systems of coming to know, knowing, and experiencing the world.

1. Self?

What is your cultural heritage? How do you know? In what ways do you think your background influences how you experience the world; how you evaluate and interpret others and their experiences? What economics/race/gender and other cultural experiences have shaped your decisions and aspirations.

2. Self in Relation to Others?

What are the cultural heritages and the historical landscapes of your peer group. How do you know? How do you negotiate and balance your own interests with others? How do you manage perspectives which may be inconsistent with or diverge from your own?

3. From Self to System?

What is the contextual nature of race, class, economics, and gender in your social world? How do you know? What is known socially, institutionally, and historically about the communities and peoples with whom you interact? How do course readings reveal anything about the communities and peoples in Pace U. learning communities? What systemic and organizational barriers and structures shape the Pace University experience, locally and globally?

Apply APA research writing protocol for all references and citations. See: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/apa_style/apa_formatting_and_style_guide/general_format.html

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