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Writing about my old school Responses to

Many changes have occurred since I last went to the High School of Science & Technology. One of the changes they have made is the reinforcement of rules, having more safety within the students. Another change is the organization by providing counselors for specific and newly created departments. Also they are providing more time to students specially seniors who have planned to go to college.

One of the changes they have made is the reinforcement of rules, they been having more safety within the students. Before I left there were rules nut they were never reinforce as much as this new year because they have had difficult situations in the past. After the past situations one of the ways they reinforce the rules is by giving out warnings to students the first time they commit an offense. If the students behavior continues they would have meetings with parents and counselors which helps a lot because they can work out any kind of problem they student is having. Because of this meeting students can get help for them, as well it helps teachers and other student s to concentrate better in their classes.

Another change they made is the organization by providing counselors for specific and newly created departments. The school created a group for students who have lost family members or close friends. They used to do it once a month and every time people would go they would express themselves but there was lack of organization with the stuff they were going to be discussed during the meeting. This year they have prevented themselves with this situation when they see that students are going out of topic they stop and come back to what is supposed to be discussing during the meeting.

Writing about my old school Elizabeth Gaudino-Goering Oct

Now meetings go in session every other week and they do two sections a day this way they divide the students in two groups and have a little more time for each one.

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Finally they are providing more time to students specially seniors who have planned to go to college. Many students that.

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Writing about my old school his treasury was

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