discusses many aspects of diversity

Chapter 2 discusses many aspects of diversity — after reading this chapter, please do some more research on this topic — make sure you use several different news organizations, websites, etc. in your research to fully understand this issue throughout the world. Also, please watch this short video and read this news story by clicking on the following link:–abc-news-topstories.html . I also want you to read the internet comments below the story!

When you are finished, please discuss this controversial topic. Make sure you 1) explain your views with justification or reasons for your points; 2) respond to at least two other student’s points; 3) post on at least three different days; and 4) illustrate you are thinking as a Manager would in the real-world! Make sure you pay close attention to these instructions — if you ONLY do these minimum requirements and do NOT add substantive and interesting points, respond to MORE than two other students, post on MORE than 3 days — you will ONLY receive a minimum or average (C) score on your discussion board assignment!!!!!!!! If you do NOT follow and do at least the minimum requirements —- you will NOT receive a passing score on this discussion forum. So please make sure you note the requirements for posting!!!

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