Teamwork. That’s how Philippine Azkals broke the record after winning a friendly match against Singapore after 40 long years. There is nothing better for a team to compete with proper coordination of every player. Believing to conquer the impossible is the right attitude for an underdog team like the Philippines. Regardless of the lack of support in some ways, the team proves to the Singaporeans that they can win.

Constant correct perfect practice makes you perfect as I have read from a certain book the title I can’t remember. Constant practice does not necessarily make you good. For a practice may be done a wrong way. So it should be a correct and perfect practice that will give you the trophy of being a champion in whatever undertakings you are going to enter. Just like the Philippine Azkals, after many years of hardwork and of rigorous training, they now bring home the beacon by bringing the honor of the country defeating Singapore.

From that light news of Cedelf P. Tupas dated September 9, 2012, Filipinos once again feel so proud. Learning that we could excel in any sports if given the proper training, enough support – moral and financial and so on, we will win. Because our attitude as Filipinos is that we do not give up easily. As Ninoy Aquino said, “Filipinos are worth dying for!” Players of any sports will shed tears, perspiration and blood of fighting hard for the win.

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