causes of obesity.

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Policies are put in place to improve situations or address
problems that may arise. However, with any overarching change,
unintended consequences may emerge that perhaps were not considered or
anticipated ahead of time. For example, many programs aimed at
addressing widespread obesity issues have led to an unintended
preoccupation with assessing weight rather than examining health issues,
such as unhealthy diets, eating disorders, and even death, that could
mitigate the various causes of obesity.

Policy development is a
difficult process that involves multiple perspectives and stakeholders.
An important responsibility of a health professional is to be able to
evaluate policies, as these policies may have a direct impact on your
practice. In this Discussion, you will select a policy, analyze the
strengths and weaknesses, and recommend changes to the policy that might
lessen unintended consequences.

To prepare:

  • Review this week’s resources as well as scholarly resources and websites related to the U.S. health system and policy.
  • Review
    Shi and Singh (2017), pp. 541–548 for an explanation of the differences
    between health policy at the federal and state levels.
  • Select a case study profile of interest from this week’s resources.
  • Research
    current policies (at either the federal or state level) related to the
    population health issue the profile represents, and select one on which
    to focus for this Discussion.
  • Consider the role of the health administrator or health educator in relation to the policy and population health issue.

Shi, L., & Singh, D. A. (2017). Delivering health care in America: A systems approach (7th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett.Chapter 13, “Health Policy” (pp. 538–561)

a summary of the health policy you selected. Provide a critique of the
policy and explain its strengths and weaknesses. Identify at least one
way that the policy could be improved to most positively affect
population health outcomes. Explain how the policy might positively and
negatively impact the individual in the case study profile you selected.
Explain how the policy might positively and negatively impact the work
of a health educator or health administrator in addressing the
population health issue. Be specific and provide examples.


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