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Posted on: Monday, March 8, 2021 11:37:25 AM EST

1. Bb DISCUSSIONS: THIS IS YOUR LAST TOPIC FOR THE SEMESTER, Bb WILL CLOSE MARCH 15th.  As usual, you will share a story from your own experience related to the topic. Please do that right away so your classmates will have time to comment. Given the limited time, you will only need to engage in discussion with two people. ACTIVIST ART incorporates the use of public space to address socio-political issues and to encourage community and public participation as a means of bringing about social change. It often requires the artist to establish relationships within the community where their projects take place. Think of the many murals on walls throughout our city, the artists are usually  Baltimore residents. Share an encounter you have had with art in Baltimore where the artist has worked to bring about social change. 

DUE DATE: MARCH 15th    (no Bb work will be considered after March 15th.) 

2. This week I want you to play with color, plain and simple, using the horizon as the foundation. Review horizon IMAGES on the www for inspiration. The horizon is often used by artists to symbolize HOPE. Create your own horizon drawing; play freely with color (just color/no images).

DUE DATE: MARCH 15th   – email a photo of your drawing to [email protected]  – I will accept any and all assignments up until MARCH 15th


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