Communication and the Global World DB

Communication and the Global World DB

Deliverable Length: 400–600 words  

Providing language and cultural training for employees is
big business. If you were going to develop a training program on how language
affects intercultural business communications, what would your lesson plan look
like? When answering the following questions remember to consider the countries
that your franchise will be moving to: United Arab Emirates, Israel, Mexico,
and China.

  • What
    would your students need to know in regards to high- and low-context
    language, language diversity, interaction, nonverbal communication, and so
  • What
    are some conversation taboos that they should be aware of?
  • What
    are some of the nonverbal communication aspects that they should know?
  • After
    receiving the training, should they still use an interpreter?
  • What
    are the pros and cons of using an interpreter in these

Make sure that your lesson plan includes an example of a
country where you can describe the differences between the United States and
that country in language and nonverbal communication.


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