Course Work Assignment: Herpes Zoster/Shingles

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For my course work, I was assigned a topic: Herpes Zoster/Shingles. The following are the questions that I need to answer for my grades. Work has to be in APA format, 1-2 references. Word Document.

  1. Population most affected (ex: Older Adults, Middle Adults, Young Adults, Teenagers, Child, Infants)
  2. Age related milestone for your chosen population
  3. Socio-Demographic/Risk factors for getting the disease/condition
  4. Impact on QOL
  5. Current/new/recent research/EBP that will benefit/support this patient with the specific disease (If there are none please state so)
  6. Recommendation for treatment or Gold standards for treatment if any (can be tied into the current research as above) (If there are no gold standards then please state so, but there should be some recommendations)
  7. Please tell what/how you (speak in the first person) as the FNP caring for this patient with this specific disease can make a difference in his/her care and incorporate patient care/self-help teaching that can help him/her minimize disease symptoms.
  8. Red flags for this condition (what specific S/S require urgent/ER care) or when should you refer patient to specialist.


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