cover letter for a job description

Write a cover letter based on the job description below:


Avery Dennison

Job Description

We have multiple opportunities in the Glendale area for

Interns in many disciplines. Please choose your area of

focus (Accounting, Marketing, HR, etc), and submit for

an internship in that area. Our Internship program

offers a challenging hands-on structured experience.

You will be working side-by-side with Avery Dennison’s

employees learning the process, terminology, and skills

required to be successful in a fast-paced operation

handling a varied customer base. The program is

typically 3 to 6 months in duration and is a paid

position. It is also not unusual for a successful Intern to

come on board as a full time employee upon completion

or graduation. We offer flexibility to work with you

around your current class schedule as much as possible.

We do, however, prefer a commitment of no less than

18-20 hours per week. As well, there are opportunities

for full-time intern positions, if interested and your

schedule can accommodate.



Here are some of the skills/qualities that we have

determined through the years that make for a

successful Intern;


Possesses a strong work ethic is reliable, and

professional attitude


Has a sense of urgency, is adaptable and a self-



Demonstrates strong organizational and time

management skills


Ability to interact with a variety of people in a

professional manner


Must be able to work independently and with a

team in a fast-paced environment with accuracy

and timeliness


Willing to pitch in an help on last minute projects

or assist team members


Additional Information

Successful candidate must pass the company’s defined

background check.


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