create a financial plan for your business excel spreadsheets 1

Review the following U.S. Small Business Association (SBA) Website resources:

    • Estimating Startup Costs
    • Using Personal Finances
    • Preparing Financial Statements
    • Developing a Cash Flow Analysis
    • Borrowing Money for Your Business
    • SBA Financial Assistance Eligibility
    • Is Your Business Fiscally Fit?
    • Projecting Your Business Cash Flow, Made Simple

    2. Review the following Entrepreneur resources:

    • How to Estimate Startup Costs
    • Financial Planning 101
    • 8 Costly Startup Expenses That Are Actually Worth the Investment
    • 10 Essential Startup Expenses, and 10 You Should Avoid
    • 8 Musts to Start Your Business With Little to No Capital

    3. For help in building cash flow projections. USE ONE OF THESE FORMATS

    • Wells Fargo how to prepare cash flow projections
    • How to Forecast Cash Flow

    Useful TemplatesStart Up Costs: Budget:

  • Assignment 2: Financial Plan

    1. Create a Financial Plan for your business. This will include an analysis of start-up cost, capital costs, operating cash flow, break-even analysis, and financing alternatives. Be sure to discuss all the assumptions upon which the Financial Plan is based. Every number must have an assumption to support its validity.
    2. The spreadsheets should provide at least a month to month cash flow projection for the first year and a yearly summary for the first three years. The footnotes must discuss the assumptions.
    3. The discussion portion should include break-even analysis and financing alternatives. There is no specific word count but this must be complete and robust.
    4. You may present all the information in a commented Excel spreadsheet or provide the Excel spreadsheet with a separate word document the assumptions but the spreadsheet must be in one of the suggested forms. You do not have to cite sources and APA format is not required.


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