create a lesson plan

Create a lesson plan using the instructional model steps for teachers based on Gagne’s theory, including Bloom’s taxonomy, instructional objectives, activities, and media for any content area you choose.

The idea is to use both Gagne and Bloom in every lesson plan you create.  Gagne basically helps us set up the lesson so that students are prepared and interested to learn.  Bloom helps us engage several layers of thinking.  Let’s take a look again at how Bloom questioning could be applied to a Time-telling lesson.  Knowledge – memorize vocab words, Comprehension – state vocab in your own words, application – use the info to tell time, ¬ – when do we use a clock? why do we need one?, synthesize – build your own clock, evaluate – tell what types of clocks are most reliable: atomic, wind-up, digital.

Also, Google>Images “Lesson Plan Format” to get a visual idea of how a lesson plan should look.  

“How to” website:

APA format required, please cite any outside sources.


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