create team business and finance homework help

I need to create a team for school team work project and the followings below need to include 

ALL TEAMS: These “Team Tasks” need to be developed over the next few weeks.

A) All teams are to develop and create the following Team Tasks”:

1) A creative team name (Be creative–do not use the initials of all members! Name should connect your teammates in some manner…not connect to the project),

2) A team logo to coordinate with the team name,

3) Team color [colors]

4) A team slogan or motto, 

5) A team mission statement (core values of the team as it relates to team process–see example)

6) Team project #1 topic statement and topic title (A topic, of course, needs to be selected from the team-project area. Eventually a thesis statement will be developed; topic must be approved by the professor).

7) Create the first of two Team-Responsibility Charts (Chart #1 will be handed in first for approval and feedback and then both the “original” and revised Chart #1 and Chart #2 will be turned in at the end of project). 


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