critical thinking exercises 1

Create your Assignment submission and be sure to cite your sources if needed, use APA style as required, and check your spelling.

Critical Thinking Exercises:

  • How can the learning theories be used in combination to change behavior and enhance learning?
  • You are a staff nurse preceptor, and you find that the nurse orientee you are working with has difficulty understanding the idea of titrating drug dosages on the basis of physiologic data. A weakness in which type(s) of learning might be underlying this problem? In addressing this orientee’s difficulty, what other information would you collect?
  • You are preparing to counsel a nursing students who is failing a nursing course: How would your approach differ if you base your counseling on Self-Efficacy Theory versus Attribution Theory?
  • If you are a clinical preceptor in a health care agency, how could Social Cognitive Theory assist you in teaching your preceptee?

Professional Development:

  • List and briefly describe the ways that each of the major learning theories—behaviorist, cognitive, social learning, psychodynamic, and humanist—can be used to increase a behavior. Then, list and briefly describe the ways that each of these major theories can be used to decrease or extinguish a behavior.


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