darfur humanitarian purpose in the context of rape

Post an initial statement in which you analyze the competing forces that influence the decisions of humanitarian NGOs to act in the context of human-caused disasters. Referring to the readings and media presentations, evaluate ethical versus practical considerations based on the facts presented, and conclude with your personal opinion on how NGOs should act in these situations, based on your evaluation of the facts. Be sure to include references to the readings to support your argument. Your initial statement should not exceed 400 words.

Helpful references:

The ‘Protection Crisis’: A Review of Field-Based Strategies for Humanitarian Protection in Darfur [Discussion Paper]

I chose this article because the authors take a critical look at the pragmatics of protection in a crisis situation such as Darfur.

Pantuliano, S., & O’Callaghan, S. (2006).

Darfur Diaries – Message From Home

This video features interviews with victims of the genocide.

Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 57 minutes.

Cinedigm. (2010, November 18).

Darfur Genocide Video – Personal Account an American Witness

In this video, Brian Steidle, a former African Union observer, shares an account of his experience in Sudan.

Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 7 minutes.

Rosaryfilms. (2007, July 5).


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