Deliverable 6 – change management plan assignment content

CompetencyOutline a change management plan that aligns to organizational strategic goals.
Student Success CriteriaView the grading rubric for this deliverable by selecting the “This item is graded with a rubric” link, which is located in the Details & Information pane.
ScenarioYou are an HR Director for a telecommunications company. The CEO has decided that she wants to change the customer service workforce model. Currently, 85% of customer service employees are full-time employees. Based on budgetary needs to get ready to offer 5G service to customers, she was to reduce the full-time customer service employees to only 35% and replace the remaining 50% with contingent workers who work remotely. Such a change will reduce costs greatly, as contingent workers will not be paid benefits and there will be no overhead costs. The CEO has already tasked the HR VP to transition from the majority full-time customer service employee model to the majority contingent-worker customer service employee model.
The CEO has tasked you with preparing a change management plan to support of this initiative. She recognizes that by implementing this new model, all employees are likely to be affected in terms of morale, engagement, uncertainty about their own jobs, etc. Therefore, a change management plan is needed to help the full organization adapt to, and support, this new customer service employee model.
InstructionsPrepare a change management plan that:

Identifies the sponsors of the change initiative and the members of the change management team who will monitor organizational reactions to change.
Provides the structured methodology you will use (Kotter 8-step model or AKDAR model) to plan the change initiative, including details for each step.
Describes how this change management plan will overcome barriers and reduce risks to the organization.
Details the communication and feedback plans that will be used during the change initiative.
Discusses the approach to be used to engage managers and supervisors in championing the change initiative.
Provides attribution for credible sources used in the change management plan.

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