discussion board section 1 ch 1 3 early child hood exceptional kids

Consider the principle of Inclusion as outlined in Chapter 1. Provide a definition of inclusion in your own words.

1b. List 2 potential positive outcomes and 2 potential negative outcome of inclusion, and why you believe these to be true.

Describe “People First Language.” Give an example and a non-example that you continue to hear used in our culture. What are your thoughts about these examples?

. List two guidelines from page 66 of your text that you would implement in order to build “Reciprocal Relationships with Families.” Give an example of how or when you would implement these guidelines.

In your opinion, why are parent/teacher/caregiver relationships important?

Choose one piece of legislation that impacts you personally from the timeline in Figure 2-1 on page 33 of your text. The law might impact you, a family member, or someone you know. Describe the importance of the legislation from your perspective.

Consider the debate concerning emotional support animals, which may stimulate new legislation soon. You may reference the newspaper article, my story about Tiffany, or the number of animals who travel with their owner using public transportation. Give your opinion and details that support your opinion.


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