discussion lesson 4 topic a assume one of the role people listed below b explain the position of that person role regarding the declaration of independence of 1776

Remember to follow all discussion guidelines.

Discussion Lesson 4 Topic: A. Assume one of the role/people listed below. B. Explain the position of that person/role regarding the Declaration of Independence of 1776.

You should consider the following issues when preparing your response. Remember to answer the questions as you write your response.

  • How would this character’s economic interests be affected by independence?
  • How would his or her political rights be affected by independence?
  • How would his or her social status be affected by independence?
  • What would change in the colonies as a result of independence from the mother country?
  • What economic interests would be affected by independence?
  • What would this character stand to lose or gain by independence?
  • Which other figures in this debate would most likely be opposed to your role’s point of view and why?
  • What are the strongest arguments your character can make for independence? Do these arguments represent a departure from traditional political theory in the colonies or mother country?

Choose Your Role (one selection)

You should choose your role from the list below. Use the assigned sources or websites listed and information in your text.

  • Thomas Paine
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • George Washington
  • King George III
  • A colonial woman
  • A loyalist
  • A colonial governor
  • A merchant
  • A plantation owner
  • A small farmer
  • An Iroquois Warrior


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