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Discussion post #4
Part one

How did asking the wrong questions lead to the undercounting of evictions?

Part two

What is conceptualization? What is operationalization? How do these pertain to “How asking the wrong questions led to the undercounting of evictions”?

Part three

What is a concept? What are the dimensions of a concept? What is a variable? What is an indicator?
What are the levels in the process of conceptualization (going from abstract/general to concrete/specific) (page 105)?
What is unit of analysis, and what are examples? What is the role of aggregation in moving from the individual unit of analysis to a higher unit of analysis (such as group, organization, city, county, state, nation, or world)?

Part four

Conceptualize the general concept of “eviction” (see Evicted; “How we undercounted…”; and MARS [pages 21-22 and the diagrams “Reasons for Moving”]).

Due by next Sunday, 11:59pm. 250 word minimum; no maximum wordcount. List the wordcount at the end of each post. Pass=60 points, no pass=0 points, non or late submission without instructor-approved excuse = -60 points.

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