Discussion Question 1-4

Please respond with at least 250 words no more than 400. These are ONLY discussion question not a paper.

Question 1

·         Suggest a key factor to be considered in the creation of a competitive compensation and benefit plan for an acute care hospital. Provide support for your rationale.

·         From the perspective of HR, propose one strategy to manage complaints from employees who believe their salary and benefits package is not fair.

Question 2

·         Analyze the importance of determining whether an employee issue is related to behavior or performance. Propose one recommendation on how to correct each type of issue.

·         Create an argument that describes HR’s key role in resolving employee relations issues, indicating how they can impact the outcome. Provide support for your argument.

Question 3

·         From the scenario, interpret the operating indicators used to analyze the financial performance of the organization. Indicate specific ways in which this information will help management improve the performance of the organization. Provide support for your rationale.

·         As a financial administrator, suggest one (1) approach to negotiating a managed care contract. Stress the items that may be deal breakers.

Question 4

·         Determine one (1) key financial ratio that stakeholder groups may evaluate in order to determine the financial health and stability of a health care organization. Provide support for your rationale.


·         Assume that you are a hospital administrator, and one of your responsibilities is selecting financial ratios to be included on your management dashboard. Determine the two (2) most critical financial ratios for you to monitor, and indicate how each would help you assess your current performance. Provide support for your rationale


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