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Part 1:
Certain functions are not limited or contained within one department. For example – Drug administration.
Doctor checks patient; Doctor decides on medication; Ward nurse orders it from pharmacy; pharmacy orders it from supplier; pharmacy delivers to nurse on ward; nurse gives to patient; patient swallows pill; as you can see, we have various people in the loop. Hopefully, patient will get the RIGHT medication at the RIGHT time!

How do we deal with an inter-departmental function, so that “nothing falls between the cracks”? Your insight on this, please.
Describe the components of effective administrative, intra- and inter-departmental communication, including both verbal and written.

Part 2:

I would like to focus on Organization Performance.Please provide your insight as to:a. the Concept;b. The need for; andc. The implementation of; organization performance.
In your Case Assignment you discussed some of the issues in an emergency department. Please comment on each of the following:a. Discuss issues of crowding.b. List common ED operation metrics.c. Identify ED technologies that can help improve patient flow.

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