Discussions 19801359

 I need 175 words Initial Post for both discussions an 50-60 two replies for each.  No Plagiarism. Due in 10 hours

Module 3 Discussion 1

Go to Public Health Jobs and search for a job in either the fields of Social and Behavioral Sciences or Health Policy and Management. Your original post should discuss the following items.

1.) What is the job?

2.) What education is required for this job?

3.) What is the salary range for the job?

4.) Are there any requirements for the job besides education?

5.) How does this job fit in either the field of Social and Behavioral Sciences or Health Policy and Management?

  Module 3 Discussion 2

Discuss how the lay public perceives risk and how this differs from environmental health professionals. From your assigned reading on risk communication, identify at least one major tenet of risk communication and discuss why it is important to incorporate when communicating risk to the public.

Postings must be a minimum of 150 words and no longer than approximately 250 words in length, with proper grammar and spelling.  No postings linked into the discussion board will be accepted. Postings must be written directly onto the discussion board so that they are immediately visible to encourage peer reading.  

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