Dissertation for DBA

Title: Examining the impact of TQM on performance in the government sector in the kingdom of Bahrain
1.0 Introduction
1.1 Research Background
Based on the articles I have uploaded ( researches have been done before)
1.2 Research problem
Some researchers state TQM fails and some state there is an impact on performance, and I want to do this study to prove the impact on performance or fails in the government sector in the kingdom of Bahrain
1.3 Research questions
1.4 Objectives
1.5 Hypotheses
1.6 Conceptual frame work
1.7 Brief overview of the methodology
descriptive quantitative research design ( government sector in kingdom of Bahrain )
1.8 definition of terms
1.9 Signpost of the next chapters
1.10 Questioner
Testable done before by other researchers

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