easy discussion 11

I need it by 10:00 p.m tonight. Please cite 1-2 sources, I uploaded the reading. Here sre the instructions:

Discussion Board Question 8:

Part A) What is meant by ethnicity as political behavior?

Part B) Use concepts in Malesevic, Chapter 8 to explain the growing political power of Latino Americans today.

Part C) Define each of the following concepts and explain how each is used by the subordinate or minority group to mobilize* the group for political action: environmental justice/injustice, pan-Indianism, and internal colonialism?

*By mobilize, I mean motivate the members of the group to organize around a common ethnic identity to fight for access to resources.

Part D) take a virtual tour of the National Museum of the American Indian found here:


How does this site further inform one’s understanding of ethnicity as a political resource? Provide examples of or responses to environmental injustice, pan-Indianism and internal colonialism from this site.


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