economy and planning assignment

To get full point, list your assumptions (if any), and describe any equations with proper units used in your calculations

Question 1 (10 points):Goodyear Tires gives discount for larger quantities of tire purchase.Their discounts are as follows

  • First 1600 tires:$20 each
  • Next 2600 tires: $18 each
  • Any that exceeds 4100 tires: $15 each

Build an Excel spreadsheet to calculate the average cost and marginal cost for the following quantities of tire purchase.

  • 700
  • 1700
  • 2700
  • 4700

Question 2 (10 points): Sony International Corporation (SIC) is designing a new high-definition TV (HDTV) that is projected to have the following per-unit costs to manufacture

Cost Categories

Unit Costs

Materials Cost


Labor Costs


Overhead Costs


Total unit cost


SIC adds 25% to its manufacturing cost for corporate profit?

  • What profit would SIC realize on each HDTV?
  • What is the overall cost to produce a batch of 8,500 HDTVs?
  • What would SIC’s profit be on the batch of 8,500 if historical data show that 2% of the product will be scrapped in manufacturing, 3% of finished product will go unsold, and 2% of sold product will be returned for refund?

Question 3 (15 points):A new aerated sewage lagoon is required in a small town.Earlier this year one was built on a similar site in an adjacent city for $5.2 million.The new lagoon will be 90% larger.Use the data in Table 2-1 in the textbook to estimate the cost of the new lagoon.

Question 4 (15 points):Florida Tech plans to build a new recreational facility on campus.Construction will cost $2,600,000.Annual operation and maintenance (O&M) expenses will be $310,000.Florida Tech estimates that annual revenue from selling sport event tickets and gym memberships will be about $810,000.In year 5, another $160,000 will be needed to upgrade the facility.After 20 years, the facility will be retired and the salvage value is estimated to be $760,000.Draw the cash flow diagram for this project.


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