Emerging Technology in the Education Sector.

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Emerging Technology in the Education Sector. McLuhan’s Laws of Media consisting of the four-quadrant tetras will be used to analyze this technology and make future predictions of cloud computing. The tetrads include Enhances, Obsoletes, Retrieves, and Reverses.
Mobile learning and tablet computing could pave the way for students developing an interest in learning programming languages and other advanced computer skills. Students will be able to gain software development expertise which sequentially will bring economic growth and further technological advancement (Chamber, 2014). Mobile learning enables teachers and students to interact and share more dynamic information than the traditional classroom setting. Mobile learning and tablet computing can be integrated using cloud computing, hence creating a wider level of interaction between teachers and students.
Mobile learning will also usher in an era of virtual classrooms where students enroll in online classes via their tablets. Classrooms will be left for discussions and problem solving and campuses can be able to link students on a global scale (Chamber, 2014). Finally, Mobile learning leads to customized learning for students through educational mobile applications. These applications enable students to learn by themselves the knowledge that is relevant, realistic, and meaningful. Additionally, mobile learning encourages students to conduct research and explore more diversified solutions to problems.

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Tablet computing might replace the use of laptops in schools as they are more portable, long battery life, and require less technical support. Additionally, students live in the world of touchpads, supported by tables, which is perceived as fashionable in our current way of life (Briggs, 2013). Secondly, tablets may pave the way to a paperless learning environment as they can be used for basic things such as taking class notes, doing assignments, and conducting research. Finally, the conventional blackboard mode of teaching might soon be something of the past with institutions embracing technology in teaching (Chamber, 2014). Mobile learning and tablet computing will be used in institutions for a very long time. However, wearable devices such as the Google glasses might slowly replace smartphones, hence paving the way for more advanced technology in the future (Briggs, 2013).
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