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Employee Motivation and Human Resource Management
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Enrichment Report #4
Guidelines: Chapters 10 and 11 relate to Employee Motivation and Human Resource Management, two closely related topics. Please address the questions below. Each question should be answered in four to five sentences or one paragraph.
Discussion Questions
1.) Describe what motivation entails as it relates to the workplace. Describe what motivates you to accomplish a task or a goal.
2.) Review the NPR podcast titled “How Much Does Money Motivate Us” and Daniel Pink’s TedTalk (located in the module). In a four to five sentence paragraph, discuss what researchers have learned about motivation based on your review of these resources.
3.) Reflecting on what motivates you (i.e. what you answered to question number one) describe which of Maslow’s needs described in the text, does your need align with. Explain.
4.) Describe three challenges facing human resource managers today. Select one challenge and explain what could be done to solve this challenge.
5.) Identify three major functions of the human resource manager. Of these functions, which do you believe is the most important for organizational success? Why?


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