English comaprision paper | English homework help

Write an argumentative paper with a thesis arguing some aspect of a common thread between these two. 

1. Puppy by george saunders

2. Melville’s bachelors and maids

Find something that two of them have in common such as The portrayal of women.

You must Decide how each author/work treats the common thread and develop a thesis statement arguing your point using comparison and contrast (contrast where applicable) in 750 words 


Additional requirements:

 MLA style paper with a header, heading, title, in-text citation and work cited page. 

You should have an introduction with an opening sentence (hook), thesis, the works and their authors, and any additional information to make your introduction 4+ sentences in length; at least two paragraphs in the body of your paper (or one for each main point being made- however many that is); and a conclusion where you restate the thesis in different wording, recap your main ideas, and write a clincher to bring it all home. 

You MUST reference the authors EITHER by their correctly spelled full or last names, never only their first names.

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