english ethics in literature 1

4 following questions need to be answered in a form of journals. Each question should have a separate journal. Journals might be either small paragraphs or longer paragraphs. 

1. Sister Prejean also serves as spiritual advisor to Robert Willie, another convicted murderer. Do you think that Robert Willie received a fair trial?

2. On page 194, Sister Prejean discusses the “eye for an eye” philosophy of punishment. What points does she make?

3. What if the innocent are executed? What does Prejean say about this? How do you feel about this possibility?

4. Vernon and Elizabeth Harvey, who support the death penalty, teach Sister Prejean an important lesson. What is it?

The question needs to be answered in a form of discussion that would contain minimum 125 words. 

The title of Sister Prejean’s book and the film comes from the words that guards at San Quentin Prison are said to have yelled when a death-row inmate was let out of his cell:  “Dead man walking.”

The Dead Man Walking film was released in 1995.  Tim Robbins is the producer, Susan Sarandon plays Sister Helen Prejean, and Sean Penn plays Matthew Poncelet, a composite character (combining the real life convicted murderers Pat Sonier and Robert Lee Willie).

How did you react to the film version of Sister Prejean’s book?

Please, help me to answer all these questions.


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