Ethical Worksheet/theories of ethics – custom papers

Ethical Worksheet/theories of ethics
Directions: Please answer the following questions based upon the readings, videos and applications dealing with ethics. Please type your answers on this document.
1. List five (5) different theories of ethics.
2. Out of the five different theories of ethics you chose, identify two (2) that resonate with you, make the most sense, or are simply your favorites. Paraphrase the two theories and provide a defense as to why you chose them.
3. Using the ethical knowledge you have acquired, examine the following case and explain the actions the principal took OR should have taken.
A child study meeting is convened for Tommy, a second grader. Tommy is having some academic difficulties in math and significantly in reading, which are leading to discipline issues at school and home. The parents are very concerned about Tommy; they want to secure all help possible. However, the parents do not have great capacity in understanding how to help Tommy, nor how to advocatefor any of his special needs. The teacher is a veteran educator with over 20 years of experience and specializes in reading instruction. She, too, recognizes the difficulties Tommy is having and wants to have him tested for a specific learning disability. The ancillary staff (psychologist, speech therapist, social worker, occupational therapist) attending the meeting are very resistant to testing Tommy. Collectively, they do not believe enough time has been given for the interventions to work for Tommy and are resisting the desire of the teacher to test. With Tommy being almost 2/3 of a grade level behind, the teacher senses that by not testing Tommy, he will fall even further behind if he is not provided special education services. The meeting adjourns with the interventions maintaining status quo and the teachers is quite defeated and upset.
The principal is not pleased with the outcome either, but as the leader of the building, she must respect the child study process. However, she comes up with a plan. As the parents are leaving the school, the principal catches up to them and initiates a discussion regarding their feelings toward the meeting. When they convey their concern about Tommy not getting the services he needs, the principal conveys to them that if they write a letter specifically requesting services for Tommy, the school psychologist must test him. About a week later, the school psychologist comes to your office disgruntled, but not wise to the principal’s conversation and says, “Look at this,” handing you a letter. When the principal looks at the letter, she sees it is from Tommy’s parents requesting he be tested for special education services. The school psychologist, says, “Well, I guess we have more work to do.” Perplexed, the psychologist says, “It’s almost as if they were coached on how to do this.”
a. Identify the ethical dilemma that is present in this case study.
b. Explain why the principal chose to do what she did?
c. Should the principal have done anything differently? Why?
d. Rely on the readings to support your contentions.
4. Think of a situation that you have been involved in that was couched in ethical issues. Using this ethics application: , see where your situation is assessed. After utilizing the application, provide an analysis, synthesis and evaluation to your ethical dilemma. Please use theory from the readings where appropriate.


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