Ethics essay step 3 and 4

Step Three. Complete Service and Submit Paperwork by April 2.  
By November 20 you should have completed at least 12 hours of service or earned 60 points on the Civic Action Scorecard, and submitted the necessary paperwork either to Linda Levin in iCED or to me.  This deadline can be extended, but only if you contact me before April 2 to seek such an extension, and receive approval.
Step Four. Submit Reflective Essay by April 16.
The second learning objective is to submit a reflective essay, on the same topic as the preliminary essay, but this time drawing from your experiences and from the normative ethical theories we have discussed in class to provide a more robust argument as to the moral/ethical importance of your service. This essay should address the same topic and answer the same questions as your preliminary essay, but this time, I expect you to 1) include information drawing specifically from the actual service/actions you performed, and 2) explicitly use at least one of the objectivist ethical theories or principles from your assigned readings in support of your chosen service. You will probably find that all or most of the ethical theories discussed could be used to support the service you chose to do, but this assignment only requires that you make use of one of them. This essay should be 500-1,500 words, and will be graded according to the usual 4.5 point scale, according to the clarity and concision of your arguments, and also how accurately you apply the ethical theory or theories you chose to the facts of the specific service or civic actions you provided. This essay should be submitted in PDF format to the “Reflective Essay” Drop Box below. This deadline cannot be extended beyond April 16 under any circumstances!

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