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Assignment: Design, conduct, evaluate, and document an ethics project.
Your project must document something that you do this semester to evaluate ethical conduct in a business environment. Note the requirement for this semester. Analysis of past work is not acceptable without my prior approval. If you do not have a job, you may consider your volunteer work with a nonprofit organization such as a church or YWCA. If you aren’t involved with such an organization, you may select some area of responsibility in student life here at HSU. If none of the above applies, see me, and we’ll figure something out, but don’t just assume it away. Get involved!
Your paper must be three to four pages long, plus a cover sheet and a list of references cited. It is due Wednesday, April 7. The paper is worth 9% of your final course grade. Submit your paper electronically in Canvas.
Criteria for Grading:

Creative design and conduct.
Application of ethical principles. This includes specifying which view of ethics you hold and why you hold it.
Presentation of results.
Demonstrated learning. This includes evaluating your results in terms of the view of ethics you hold.
Grammar, punctuation, mechanics, style, formatting, and length.

Your textbook contains a discussion of the ethical and social environment of management on pp. 36-41; the journal articles, Trevino & Brown (2004) and Trudel & Cotte (2009) address managing ethics. Similarly, the study assignments from Exodus 23:2, Romans Ch. 7, and “Facing and Ethical Dilemma? Try This Approach” should be of value. Wise students will use the concepts contained in these sources to write a better paper.
Be sure to follow the guidance “Avoiding Typical Errors” in the General Course Information section of Canvas. Full collaboration with anyone else is permitted in order to prevent errors in grammar, punctuation, mechanics, style, or formatting—as long as you write your own paper.
You are not required to check your paper in the HSU Writing Center, but I highly recommend it.
In most cases, if you use the default settings in your word processing program, your paper will be formatted incorrectly. Good managers must pay attention to detail. Check closely what I’ve specified in “Avoiding Typical Errors” and get it right.
Note too the syllabus requirement that you must complete and submit this project in order to pass the course, regardless of your final course average.
Don’t be shy. I encourage you to discuss this project with me before, during, and after you conduct it in order to maximize your learning and to help you get the best possible grade. Why take chances?

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