field experience you are to spend at least 8 hours observing

Field Experience 

You are to spend at least 8 hours observing or providing a service to a group different from your own.  Visit different sites, attend a series of meetings, or participate in service learning opportunities where you can observe and interact with people different from you in one or more of the diversity categories. Interview someone who is from that target group.  Find out: 

How this person’s (group’s) experiences are similar to yours?

How this person’s (group’s) experiences are different from yours?

How are his/her experiences in America similar and different from yours?

Have there been challenging experiences faced by this person (school, social, etc)?

What did you learn? 

Relate your understanding to some of the key words and concepts learned in class. Refer to your book, class notes and reflections.


An interview will help to add accuracy to your research  

Findings should be presented orally and visually in a Power Point presentation (5-10 minutes).  Be sure to include:  Organization visited, their mission, what you learned.

Also im not an American student, just wanted you to know. 

what i need is a peaper and a powerpoint ( for my presentation ) 


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