final exam 166

DIRECTIONS: Use your text book, after answering each question, be sure to include the Text book page citation in Bold (where you found the answer). Each question is worth about 10 points, 50 points total. Type, word process, your responses, be sure to spell check and grammar check your work. Use 14 point font!

1. Define and describe 4 parenting styles. 10 points

2. How will learning and knowing about parenting styles effect your professionalism as a “teacher” or care giver? 10 points

3. How could you support a child in becoming more resilient? Give 3 examples. 10 points.

4. A family in crisis needs guidance. How might you support a family in crisis without over stepping professional boundaries? 10 points.

5. Give an example of child praise.5 point

6. Give an example of child encouragement. 5 points

This is the link to the txt book…

If anything borrowed from online, please make sure to cite and do a reference page.


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