final topic

Each individual will select a current topic that is of great effect on the global economy. You will develop a research paper topic revolving around a particular/current business topic and analyze its impact. From there you will directly relate it to a particular country and assess its impact. Topic reports have to be approved by the Instructor in advance. Examples of research paper topics are listed below in the syllabus. If you wish to do one of those, selection is on a first come first served basis. The research paper will follow the same formatting procedure as the case studies (double-spaced with font size 12 and fonts Arial or Times New Roman). You are expected to do a full report on the topic you choose. Include an assessment of the topic in the global economy. Identify the key issues at hand, use tables and figures as needed. Link your topic to class content (why is this important, how does it relate to international business). As an additional component, analysis of how it impacts the global environment of business must be conducted. This will allow you to look at the big picture globally but also see impacts on a national level. Make recommendations based on the key issues at hand. The paper should reflect your knowledge gained and concepts from the weekly relevant materials.


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