final write up and build online course

Your final assignment will consist of a write-up of your final project as well as a build of at least two modules using Pretend that you will submit this write-up to a facilitator, teacher, trainer, or subject matter expert so they can help to carry out the design you have proposed and developed. Feel free to revise and incorporate here any/all of the assignments you have completed in this course so far. Included in your paper should be the following:

1. Abstract. An abstract is a short, consolidated synopsis of your project. The project should describe the problem (learners, context), your design, plans for assessment. (150 words)

2. Literature Review (minimum of 3-4 pages double-spaced). Incorporate the sources you identified in your Annotated Bibliography. A literature review is an overview of the research that details the area of study. Although literature reviews often differ, they generally consist of the theoretical constructs (e.g. situated learning, knowledge convergence), overview of the research (Research shows that….), knowledge gap (Although the research has looked at X, it has not looked at Y.); description of why literature review is important. Please reference 5 or more scholarly articles or chapters, including at least two of the readings from this course, in your literature review to help explain your decisions for your design.

3. Design Blueprint: Description of learners, learning objectives, readings/videos, activities, assignments, assessments/quizzes/tests, tools, resources, requirements for successful implementation of the learning experience or technology.

4. Build/mockup of your design. For this section, you will go to, register as an Instructor (since you are the one designing the course), and create at least two modules or “learning chunks” of your learning design. Use the tutorials and help documentation in to learn how to use it. Be sure to learn how to create items (readings/videos/content), discussion forums, quizzes, assessments, and/or assignments. Also be sure to enroll your instructor as a student in your course and share the link. Provide the link and 3-4 screenshots of the course you designed in your write-up (how content will appear for learners) with a brief (1 -2 sentence) narrative of what is being depicted in each screenshot.

5. Plans for assessment. In this section, please describe how you plan to assess the success of your online course. Include the questions you will ask of any stakeholders and why those questions are relevant to your design goals. Examples may include:

  • Focus Groups
  • Surveys
  • User data (e.g ; number of clicks)

6. References. Please make sure these are in APA format.


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