financial statement explanationss

1500 words

financial statements comparision

APAformat writing and references

there must have at least 4 references and citations in the paper that match the references. The author   first, etc. (Jones, 2014, p. 24 or Jones, 2014, para. 3) etc

  • Review the 2 following annual reports from 2006:
    • Go and view the Company A 2006 Annual Report.
    • Go and view the Company B 2006 Annual Report.
  • For each firm, calculate the following:
    • Current ratio
    • Acid-test ratio
    • Debt ratio
    • Debt/Equity ratio
    • Gross profit margin
    • Inventory turnover
    • Return on assets
    • Return on total equity
  • Explain the ratios.
  • Make comparisons between the two firms.


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