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Choose an any interesting topic friend, cauze i have to represent it.Find at least 3 sources for your topic.  Open Databases, ProQuest. Find the following.A magazine articleA newspaper articleA book (if applicable)You can also use the web for a newspaper or magazine article, if applicable.3. Then, use “Son of Citation Machine” on the web to format your sources as either MLA (a Humanities topic) or APA (a Social Science topic)4. Copy each source to a Word file. Alphabetize by the author’s last name. Format the source (hanging indent, double space)5. On page 2 of the file, write a brief explanation explaining why you chose each source (you can change your sources as you continue to research)6. Save the file.7. Print the Word file and hand in. Later, you can copy these sources onto a PowerPoint slide for your personal project.


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