Functions And Dysfunctions Of Immigration

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July 13, 2019
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July 13, 2019

Functions And Dysfunctions Of Immigration

Answer each question completely. 
These are critical thinking questions which will require detailed reading of the chapter. Be sure to answer each part of the question. Be sure to include the question, followed by the answer! 
Please type in 12 point font, times new roman, double spaced for this assignment. 
1. What are the functions and dysfunctions of immigration?
2. Ultimately, what do you think is the major concern people have about contemporary immigration to the United States: the number of immigrants, their legal status, or their nationality?
3. What challenge does the presence of people in the United States speaking languages other than English present for them? For schools? For the workplace? For you?
4. What is your family’s immigrant root story? Consider how your ancestors arrived in the United States and also how other immigrant groups have shaped your family’s past.
Att. In question number 4 you can write your story, it not matter because this is an online course.
In 300 words – typed in 12 point font, times new roman, double spaced.

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