Health care marketing business plan project

 I’m doing a Health Care Marketing Business Plan Project. The 1st step to this plan was the Health Care Organization Selection which is already completed.  

 I had to select a Not-for-profit or For-profit Health Care Organization for this Business Plan. The chosen health care organization will either market a new product or service to a specific target market.  

United Health Group Incorporated is the healthcare organization I selected to use for my project. It is an American profit-making healthcare organization situated in Minnetonka, Minnesota. I’ve chosen to market Dialysis Centers. (I will attach this assignment, so you’ll have the information needed to revise, and finish the 5 phases for this project). 

This plan will include 5 phases which will be broken up. The phases are:  

Phase 1: Executive Summary  

Phase 2: Company Profile & Industry Overview  

Phase 3: Service Overview, Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix  

Phase 4: Service Delivery Plan and Human Resources Plan  

Phase 5: Financial Statement and Balance Sheets  

However, we are on phase 2 of this project which is the Company Profile & Industry Overview… 

I. Company Profile  

This is an overview of your organization including who is involved and the scope of what the company does.  

• Type of Organization  

• Name of Organization  

• Hours of Operation  

• Scope of Service Line  

• Clients Served  

• Location of clinics/services  

• Description of Business  

II. Industry Overview  

• this is an analysis of the industry and economy in which the organization operates  

• it demonstrated a current understanding of industry characteristics and trends  

• a trend is a definite, predictable direction of events  

• Conduct this type of research using secondary data sources See the below areas that should be covered in the industry overview and the chapters where you can review the subjects:  

Overall Business or Client Trends and Opportunities  

1. Social changes – Chapter 3  

2. Economic reimbursement changes – Chapter 3  

3. Demographic changes – Chapter 3  

4. Health care delivery changes – Chapter 3  

5. Regulatory/political changes – Chapter 3  

6. Key success factors in your segment of the industry – Chapter 3  

7. Barriers to entry in your segment of the industry – Chapter 2  

8. Barriers to exist in your segment of the industry – Chapter 2

APA Format  

 Use of References  




Textbook: Essentials of Health Care Marketing 9781284094312 Eric N. Berkowitz Jones & Bartlett Publishers     

The refence for that textbook is:    

Berkowitz, E. N. (2017). Essentials of health care marketing

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