Write summary of your complete observation. Observe older adults in variety of settings (hospital, Senior Center, Adult Day Care, Home, church, etc. Observe their function and level of independence.
February 6, 2019
Select one of the following ethical and legal issues in long term care and comment on the challenges inherent for long term care administrators in effectively responding to them.
February 6, 2019

Hispanic Cultural Identity

Please identify which cultural group you are discussing for the
paper. Provide the reader with a description of the cultural group.
Discuss the various traditions, rituals, perspectives, cuisine, and
values of this particular culture. Discuss some of the common
stereotypes that are often thought of regarding this culture. Discuss
how being a part of this cultural group has impacted your self concept
and how you interact with others.

Please be advised that you are not allowed to write about American
culture, unless you are comparing American culture to a cultural
experience you had in another country.

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