Hello! Do not be frightened by the material uploads they are just pages to the whole book I am using for class. So this essay is a minimum of 750 words. You can not use sources that are outside of the class and you must use citations to document the answer. Thi essay s an MLA format that needs a thesis statement please. The two books I am using for this class are called ‘House of Wisdom’ by Jonathan Lyons and ‘The World’ by Armesto.

Okay! So here is the prompt/question: In the House of Wisdom the author argues there was a process of erasing Muslim contributions to European learning and knowledge. What are the consequences of erasing these and other contributions to our understanding of world history? What lessons or examples of the course support your answer?

I uploaded the two books and the pages needed for the essay on the materials so feel free to browse through them. Thank you!


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